Express in exponential form. log 3 a = n

Accepted Solution

Answer:[tex]\log_3(a)=n[/tex] has exponential form [tex]3^n=a[/tex].[tex]\log(3a)=n[/tex] has exponential form [tex]10^{n}=3a[/tex].Please let me know if neither of my interpretations of your problem/question is correct.  That is I can either assume you wrote [tex]\log_3(a)=n[/tex]  or [tex]\log(3a)=n[/tex].If something else was intended, please let me know. Thanks kindly.Step-by-step explanation:Let's assume: [tex]\log_3(a)=n[/tex].The base is 3.The exponent is n. (Just remember the logarithm is the exponent.)So we have [tex]3^n=a[/tex]In general these forms are equivalent:[tex]log_b(a)=y \text{ is equivalent to } b^y=a[/tex].[tex]\log(3a)=n[/tex] is the same as [tex]\log_{10}(3a)=n[/tex]The base is 10 (if you don't see a base and log is written).The exponent is n.So we have [tex]10^n=3a[/tex].