Fireman A climbs up 15 rungs of a ladder in 5 seconds, Fireman B climbs up 12 rungs of a ladder in 6 seconds, and Fireman C climbs up 14 rungs of a ladder in 7 seconds. Which firemen climb the ladder at the same rate?

Accepted Solution

Fireman B,Fireman CStep-by-step explanation:Let the rate of fireman A be [tex]r_{a}[/tex].Let the rate of fireman B be [tex]r_{b}[/tex].Let the rate of fireman C be [tex]r_{c}[/tex].Rate of any fire man is defined as the ratio of number of rungs of ladder he climbed to the time he takes to climb them.It is given that fireman A takes [tex]5[/tex] seconds for [tex]15[/tex] rungs.[tex]r_{a}[/tex]=[tex]\frac{15}{5}=3[/tex].It is given that fireman B takes [tex]6[/tex] seconds for [tex]12[/tex] rungs.[tex]r_{a}[/tex]=[tex]\frac{12}{6}=2[/tex].It is given that fireman C takes [tex]7[/tex] seconds for [tex]14[/tex] rungs.[tex]r_{a}[/tex]=[tex]\frac{14}{7}=2[/tex].It is evident from above data that fireman B,C climb ladder at the same rate.