Help me plss need help with theses three

Accepted Solution

interior angle of a regular 18-gon.
It is easier to calculate the exterior angle of a regular polygon of n-sides (n-gon) by the relation
exterior angle = 360/n
For a 18-gon, n=18, so exterior angle = 360/18=20 °
The value of each interior angle is therefore the supplement, or
Interior angle = 180-20=160 degrees.

Naming of a 9-gon
A polygon with 9 vertices is called a nonagon (in English) or enneagon (French ennéagone, but the English version is sometimes used)
You had a good start with the correct answer.

Exterior angle of a 15-gon
The exterior angle of a 15-gon can be calculated using the relation given in the first paragraph, namely
Exterior angle = 360/15=24 degrees