I can't seem to understand the subject of converting scientific notation. 2.077×10^-4Please explain how to solve this problem step by step.~Thank you ♥︎​​

Accepted Solution

ahemmm if you meant to put it in decimal form.

well, in scientific notation, you always end up with one number to the left-hand-side of the dot, and the rest to the right of it.

now, we have the 10 with some base, if the base is positive, you move the dot to the right as many slots as the exponent says, for example,

 [tex]\bf 2.077\times 10^{10}\impliedby \textit{10 slots to the right} \\\\\\ 2\stackrel{\textit{10 slots over}}{0770000000}\stackrel{\downarrow }{.}\implies 20770000000[/tex]

now, in this case, is a negative number, -4, so, we move the dot, 4 slots but to the left, thus

[tex]\bf 2.077\times 10^{-4}\impliedby \textit{4 slots to the left} \\\\\\ \stackrel{\downarrow }{.}\stackrel{\textit{moved 4 slots to the left}}{0002}077\implies 0.0002077[/tex]