Is the line for the equation y = -8 horizontal or vertical? What is the slope of this

Accepted Solution

Answer:Horizontal and it's slope is 0.Step-by-step explanation:y=a number is horizontal while x=a number is vertical.The slope of horizontal lines are 0 because there is no rise.The slope of vertical lines are undefined because there run is 0.Slope is equal to rise over run.y=-8 is horizontal because it represents all the points in the form (x,-8) where x is any real number.Graph as many points as you want in the form (x,-8), you should see a horizontal line formed.  The slope of y=-8 is 0.Example of points in the form of (x,-8):(-10,-8)(-5,-8)(-1,-8)(0,-8)(1,-8)(5,-8)(10,-8)All of these go down 8 units after going left or right however many.This is a horizontal line 8 units below the x-axis.