what’s the volume of this cylinder? rounded to the nearest ma tenths

Accepted Solution

Answer: 800π km³Step-by-step explanation: To find the volume of a cylinder, start with the formula for the volume of a cylinder.[tex]Volume = \pi r^{2} h[/tex]In this example, notice that our cylinder has a radius diameter of 20 km. Since we are given the diameter of the cylinder, we will need to divide 20 by 2 in order to find the radius. 20 ÷ 2 = 10, this means that our radius of the cylinder is 10 km and the height of the cylinder is 8 km. Now, we can plug these numbers into our formula.[tex]Volume = (\pi) (10 km)^{2} (8km)[/tex]Now, let's simplify the exponent. Remember that squaring a number just means multiplying the number by itself. In this case, 10 km² is equal to 10 km multiplied by 10 km or 100 km².[tex]Volume = (\pi) (100 km^{2}) (8 km)[/tex][tex]Volume = 800\pi km^{3}[/tex]